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Volkswagen Group strives to be a highly innovative and future oriented company, gearing towards becoming the world’s leading mobility provider, while continuing to produce some of the very best automobiles. Through our Open Innovation initiative, we are excited to strengthen our collaboration, work with our external partners and accelerate our innovation potential even more.

Matching your solutions, technologies and creative ideas with our industrial expertise, Open Innovation is the way to co-create and develop the products and services that  will revolutionize the future of the mobility sector.

Live Open Innovation Challenges

We cannot revolutionize mobility alone, which is why we want to collaborate with you, be creative together and hear your valuable input. Show us new paths and co-create with our brands and entities through our Open Innovation Challenges.

Apply now and join us to create the future of mobility:

Open Innovation at Volkswagen Group

The Volkswagen Group with its twelve brands, headquartered in Wolfsburg, is one of the leading car manufacturers worldwide and the largest car producer in Europe. With the rise of new emerging technologies and rapidly shifting customer needs, we recognize that the automotive industry is facing a major paradigm shift, as we move beyond the core business towards new business opportunities and a collaborative way of innovating.

Find out more about Open Innovation within the group and our brands:

  • Accelerators and Incubators

    APX by Axel Springer & Porsche

    The cooperation between Porsche and Axel Springer invests in early stage startups from within the field of "digital business models" to prepare them for larger investments in a 100-day program. With its sister company Axel Springer Plug and Play, Accelerator APX helps you with experience from hundreds of investments, hundreds of financing rounds, hundreds of founders, and hundreds of investors.

    Discover why we're different...


    Future Mobility Incubator

    The Volkswagen Future Mobility Incubator in Dresden is aimed specifically at start-ups and founders from the fields of mobility, industry & logistics 4.0 and sustainability. Part of the incubator programme is a financial support of up to 15,000 euros per start-up. The incubator has been in existence since August 2017. Within the framework of the start-up programme, the Volkswagen Saxony’s Transparent Factory offers several further perks and contacts within Volkswagen and the start-up scene.

    Check out the Future Mobility Incubator.



    MAN Impact Accelerator

    Access to transport & mobility solutions is the single most important driver to alleviate poverty. The MAN Impact Accelerator is built to scale social ventures in the fields of mobility, transport & logistics with a considerable impact on our society. It takes the startups on a journey across 4 different innovation ecosystems in Europe, South America and Africa. They get access to a pool of more than 300 mentors, become inspired by social entrepreneurs and learn from leaders of their industry!

    Find out more about the MAN Impact Accelerator.


    Startup Autobahn powered by PlugAndPlay

    Startup Autobahn is the ultimate innovation platform that connects startups of all development stages with industry-leading corporate partners to pilot their technology and drive the ultimate goal — a successful production-ready implementation.

    Ready to deal with the big guys?

  • Hackathons

    Hackathons at Volkswagen Group

    At Volkswagen Group, we see hackathons as an interactive way of creating a variety of innovative concepts and take them as a great opportunity for getting to know you and your ideas in person.

    Learn more about past Hackathons.

  • Supplier Innovation

    F.A.S.T. Program

    FAST - short for "Future Automotive Supply Tracks" - is the Volkswagen Group's supplier program. With the aim of shaping the mobility of the present and the future, the program includes new opportunities to optimize and intensify the interactions between supplier and Volkswagen Group. Among other things, it includes regular exchange with top decision-makers, insights into the future planning of the group and invitations to innovation events, such as the "Innovation Days".

    Find out more here.

  • Co-Creation

    Porsche Next-OI

    Porsche NEXT OI is a yearly open innovation competition to find groundbreaking ideas and integrate them with future Porsche sportscars. The Objective of last years competition was to develop an app, using the latest simulated Porsche sportscar APIs and have the chance to develop your app with Porsche. The competition has been designed to give you access to a wide range of tools, systems and platforms making it one of the most inclusive developer competitions in the world.



    Start4Big is the first cross-sector open innovation initiative in Europe driven by Aigües de Barcelona, CaixaBank, Naturgy, SEAT, and Telefónica, looking for the best start-ups to develop solutions to the most complicated business challenges. We want to be the first to adopt technologies that will have impact on our customers.

    Are you ready to take on the new business challenges?

  • Startup & Technology Scouting


    The Volkswagen Group Ideation:Hub promotes the digital and cultural transformation across all brands at Volkswagen Group. They act as matchmakers: On their website group wide challenges are published, for which they are looking for suitable innovations from the startup world.

    Here you can find more information about our current topics.

    Innovation & Engineering Center California

    The IECC has made it their mission to drive change, which means that they are not only impacting one of the world’s largest car makers, but also the lives of millions of people. Located in the Silicon Valley, they are part of the Volkswagen Group of America and create bold new ideas for the Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche brands.

    Let's create ideas that move the world.


    Konnect is an Open Innovation Hub of the Volkswagen Group, founded in 2018 and based in Tel Aviv. We scout for deep tech Israeli Startups and match them to our 12 Volkswagen Group Brands, based on technological needs and use cases. Using our local tech expertise, we scale projects and collaboration’s in the fields of Smart mobility and Industry 4.0. With a lean team and a startup mindset, we drive innovation and culture change into the Volkswagen Group and its Brands.

    Find out more...

    ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab

    With four locations around the world, the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab develops technologies and solutions for mobility of the future. The vision is to make the life of our customers better by creating new products and mobility services. Currently, over 40 innovative projects related to mobility, e-mobility, AI and Smart cities are part of the ŠKODA AUTO DigiLab portfolio.

    Check out what's new.

Innovation fields at Volkswagen Group

The forces of the future within digital technology, sustainability and mobility are disrupting the whole value chain of every industry and economic sector. That's why, at the Volkswagen Group, we constantly strive to be at the forefront of these developments.

Learn more about some of the challenges and developments we at Volkswagen are currently working on:

Volkswagen Industrial Cloud: Revolutionizing Production

Together with Amazon Web Services, the Volkswagen Group is developing the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud – thus launching a new era for digitally networked production worldwide. The Volkswagen Industrial Cloud brings together data from all machines, plants and systems in all factories. This enables us to analyze our processes even better - and thus become more productive. Our long-term goal is to integrate the global supply chain for more than 30,000 locations and 1,500 partner companies into the Volkswagen Industrial Cloud.


Micromobility: A new way of moving around the city

Those who live in the city are no longer necessarily dependent on the car. Alternative mobility solutions are in demand. The Volkswagen Group has developed a whole range of innovative micromobiles.

In 1950 not even every third person lived in the city, today it is more than half of the world' s population - and the trend is rising. The megatrend urbanization also has consequences for the mobility sector. The number of city dwellers is accompanied by an increase in the number of vehicles in the metropolises and thus in the utilization of the roads. Answers are needed to avoid the threat of traffic collapse on the one hand, and to meet the changing demands of modern mobility on the other.


Quantum Computing: Optimizing traffic flows

Traffic control is one of the many areas where quantum computers could be used.  Mobility flows can be calculated in the classical way. The optimization of a car fleet, however, is performed by a quantum chip. Quantum computers can solve highly complex tasks many times faster than conventional super computers. These include, for example, so-called optimization problems – in simplified terms, the question of how a resource such as time, money or energy can be used optimally in a certain scenario. Mobility of the future, computer-based optimized to make life easier for people in a digitized city.


Autonomous Driving: The long path to autonomy

For almost a century, people have dreamed of the autonomous automobile. Now that vision is becoming a reality. To reach this goal, engineers, designers and developers from the Volkswagen Group are making a crucial contribution toward advancing the emergence of this new technology.



You feel inspired and think your idea has the potential to impact the future of mobility? Let us know about it!

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